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PROBIZ FX Affiliate Programme

Join the PROBIZ FX affiliate program today and you can offer foreign currencies, travel card services, money transfer services to your customers, and earn an extra revenue stream at the same time. They key is that your customers, friends and family can save monies from competitive rates, whilst you can mutually benefit from residual income.

PROBIZ can enhance your business by not only offering your clients an excellent service but by supplying client payment confirmations and a rebranded card service with your company name on both a website and a payment card if there is an assurance of 500 introduction. Anything less and we recommend you carry the PROBIZ FX weblink on your website.

There is nothing to purchase through PROBIZ as an affiliate and no start up costs although we would expect that you would use the service and sign up for a card for yourself! Integrity is king!

Once we receive a request from yourself (see booking form below) we will contact you so that we can understand your requirements fully whilst we can consult with you and allow you to understand how you can introduce clients under a strict and regulated process.

We can then develop a white label or co-branded currency site or you can use the PROBIZ FX brand. It takes as little as a working week to get up and running!

In addition we will provide you with a unique sales activity URL complete with username and password which you can use to monitor the card sales activity so you are in control of your income.

PROBIZ FX works hard to establish and maintain long-standing personal relationships with our affiliates. We assist our affiliates with all facets of foreign exchange, from performing one off transactions to assisting with international payroll. We already have over 100 independent accountancy practices using the service with their clients. This shows that professional see this service both as competitive and professional.

To find out more about how we can help assist your business and the benefits of working with PROBIZ FX , call 01344 392 777 for our UK office or email

Or fill out the form below to register as an Affiliate Partner.

We value our partners and maybe this is the start of a wonderful mutual cooperation.

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