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How to become a PROBIZ FX Affiliate?

Please read below a selection of happy independent accountancy practices who are using the FX service to save their clients monies on FX whilst overseas and also when transferring monies overseas. If you like what you read, click apply now.

"PROBIZ FX is brilliant. Any accountant wishing to help their clients to save monies on foreign exchange should sign up as an affiliate today! I did and my clients look at me differently now."

Mark Allen
Accountax, 01789 294 484 , (Accountancy Practice)

"We use the card to pay our mortgage on our USA property and I am pleased we have saved monies using the PROBIZ FX service."

Stuart Swinbank
Sanders Swinbank, 013 2538 2828, (Accountancy Practice)

"We are introducing family, friends and clients to this service. Integrity is king and where we can save clients monies we should offer such opportunity. "

Peter Pring & Philip Buckley
Buckleys, 023 8022 1440, (Accountancy Practice)

"I will be taking my PROBIZ FX card on all my international business travels from here on! I should have been using this service beforehand. I am pleased we came across PROBIZ FX."

Mike Ogilvie
OBC, 01323 720 555, (Accountancy Practice)

"I got my card through the post and I'm so excited! Can't wait to go on the spend and test the savings. I will then introduce all my clients."

Bill Tulloch
Amersham, 01494 723 937, (Accountancy Practice)

"I have overseas property and using the service with the aim to reduce my costs on foreign exchange.

I plan to introduce over a thousand clients, family and friends to the service. I've followed this service for 6 months now and I am proud to be a client and affiliate."

Rick Peet
AVN Picktree, 01252 710 333, (Accountancy Practice)

"There has to be a reason over 200 accountancy practices in less than a week have moved to PROBIZ FX! It's all about helping business clients where we can."

Nicholas Tunnard
AVN Arena, 01553 773 125, (Accountancy Practice)

"The barmy army (England Supporters Club) have already advertised the service to many key influences. They are very excited. Having spoken to the founder Paul Burnham I can see the benefits involved with the service."

John White
Pelham, 01472 245 522, (Accountancy Practice)

"I now feel more confident that when I travel abroad I can have a more competitive rate of exchange. If I can save monies then I have more to spend. Thank you PROBIZ FX!"

Neal Malik
Sigma, 01484 535 122, (Accountancy Practice)

"PROBIZ FX can help individuals make foreign transfers at competitive rates whilst allowing its clients to take a prepaid card overseas with an intent to get more from one's money. So far so good!"

Naeem Shareef
Shareef & Co, 0121 783 5555, (Accountancy Practice)

"I found my foreign exchange partner in PROBIZ. A serious upcoming organisation with the ability to help professionals and their clients to enhance their welfare."

Stuart Swindell
Unique Financial Solutions, 0845 230 2065, (Accountancy Practice)

"If it's good enough for so many accountancy firms who are pleased with the service, it is good enough for me!"

Colin Hudson
The Hudson Partnership, 01702 520 042, (Accountancy Practice)

"We have already saved clients monies on foreign transfers and I have become very bullish in introducing my client base to PROBIZ FX. We have shopped around and we now feel we found our FX home."

Giovanni Ruggieri
Longmeadows Accountancy, 01763 295 035, (Accountancy Practice)

"I'm introducing family, friends and clients to this service. Integrity is king and where we can save clients monies we should offer such opportunity."

Kevin Alderton
Kevin Alderton & Team, 01273 611 239, (Accountancy Practice)

"Having performed our own research we have chosen PROBIZ FX as our preferred partner for foreign exchange. The service is extremely competitive and we aim to save monies for our accountancy practice and all of our business clients. I'm in the process of introducing the service to both family and friends."

Andy Franklin
Franklins, 020 8871 3047, (Accountancy Practice)

"It took me 3 minutes to sign up to the card and as a bonus I had an account set up so I can make foreign transfers. A double service I will be using regularly with my clients."

Peter Jarman
Peter Jarman & Co, 01273 441187, (Accountancy Practice)

"There is a reason accountants and sports clubs are making the switch to PROBIZ FX! Impressive!"

Antony J Holdsworth & Co
Antony Holdsworth, 017 0233 3337, (Accountancy Practice)

"I have spent decades building strong relations with my clients and I will be using PROBIZ FX to enhance such relationships. I have been very impressed!"

Ian Parkinson
Brays, 019 3758 3043, (Accountancy Practice)

"The banks have made billions on foreign exchange. It is now time for consumers to have a say. I am pleased that PROBIZ FX is competitive, allowing me to introduce the service to all my clients."

Dave Collins
Fooks & Co, 012 5681 1415, (Accountancy Practice)

"A topical subject and obvious area to save clients monies! Well done PROBIZ, this will help our clients not to be exploited but to receive a competitive quote for foreign transfers."

Keith Lawrence
Lawernce Young, 012 0684 3999, (Accountancy Practice)

"I've followed the service for a while now and I'm proud to be an affiliate. I've been introducing so many clients already."

Farook Owadally
Owadally & King, 020 8686 7756,(Accountancy Practice)

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