基于科学 benefits of 欧米茄3 fatty acids 包括减轻抑郁症和焦虑症的症状,支持眼睛健康,支持大脑健康,支持健康怀孕,减轻多动症的症状,管理代谢综合征。并改善精神状况。


欧米加3s have been an important part of the world of health and physical exercise, however, there are many questions related to these “fats”.


In light of this, how are these 脂肪 supposed to be healthy? Can one be deficient in these 脂肪? 这些脂肪酸的饮食来源是什么? 它们如何对人体有益?

This 文章 aims to present the science-based benefits based on the science of 欧米茄-3 for the human body and what are the dietary sources of these fatty acids.

What are 欧米茄3 fatty acids?

欧米加3 fatty acids are 多不饱和 脂肪, a type of fat that your body cannot make.

期限“polyunsaturated”指其化学结构,因为“poly” means many and “unsaturated”指双键。

Together they simply mean that 欧米茄-3 fatty acids have many double bonds.


Since the human body cannot produce 欧米茄-3 fatty acids, these 脂肪 are known as “essential 脂肪”,这意味着您必须从饮食中获取它们。

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating at least two servings of bluefish per week, which is rich in 欧米茄-3 EPA and DHA.

There are many types of 欧米茄-3 脂肪, which differ according to their size and chemical form. 这是最常见的三个:

  • 二十碳五烯酸(EPA): 这种20碳脂肪酸的主要功能是产生称为类花生酸的化学物质,有助于减轻炎症。 EPA还有助于减轻抑郁症状(2,3)。
  • 二十二碳六烯酸(DHA): DHA是一种22碳脂肪酸,约占大脑重量的8%,对于大脑的发育和正常功能极为重要(4)。
  • α-亚麻酸(ALA): 这种18碳脂肪酸可以转化为EPA和DHA,尽管该过程效率不高。 ALA主要被人体用来获取能量(5)。

欧米加3 脂肪 are a vital part of human cell membranes.

Foods rich in 欧米茄3 脂肪

The best source of 欧米茄-3 EPA and DHA is fatty fish.

However, you can also get this 欧米茄-3s from other marine sources, such as seaweed oils. 另一方面,ALA主要来自坚果和种子。

没有 官方标准 for daily 欧米茄-3 intake, but several organizations offer guidelines.


Here are the amounts and types of 欧米茄-3 in a serving of the following foods:

  • 鲭鱼:3.0克EPA和DHA
  • 三文鱼:4.0克EPA和DHA。
  • 沙丁鱼:2.2克EPA和DHA。
  • 亚麻籽:2.3克ALA。
  • 正大种子:4.9克或ALA。
  • 凤尾鱼:1.0克EPA和DHA。
  • 坚果:2.5克ALA






DHA是眼睛视网膜结构的重要组成部分。 缺乏DHA会增加眼睛健康的风险。

富含DHA的饮食可以帮助减轻黄斑变性和青光眼的影响。 它也有助于保持视力完整性。



Especially for women who expect a diet high in 欧米茄-3, it is recommended to keep intact the brain and general muscle health of the child.

In addition, for growing children, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet rich in 欧米茄 3. This will help with the constant development of the brain.



This led to research that leads to the discovery that 欧米茄 3 promotes heart health. 欧米茄3是一种有益的胆固醇,可帮助心脏更好地工作。


Several studies support the claim that 欧米茄-3s have a positive effect in patients with ADHD, especially in children. 它们还有助于抑制与该精神问题有关的多动症,强迫症和不适感。




欧米加3 reduces inflammation in various organs, resulting in the proper management of the metabolic syndrome. 欧米茄3首先还可以帮助预防这种疾病的发作。



Eating a diet rich in 欧米茄-3 during the first years of your life can lead to the prevention of autoimmune diseases.


食物中的优质食物有助于执行身体的基本和关键功能。 这包括大脑健康; People suffering from psychiatric disorders often have a deficiency of 欧米茄 three.

欧米加3 补品 通过减少情绪波动和复发或精神病改善精神状况。


大脑也和人体一样,并导致诸如老年痴呆症的疾病’s and Parkinson’s.



People who have diets that contain large amounts of 欧米茄-3 are 55% less likely to face cancer. 它大大降低了患乳腺癌和结肠癌的风险。


欧米加3 help prevents asthma and other lung problems in children and young adults. Having a diet rich in 欧米茄 3 fatty acids can help reduce the chances of being affected by this disease in their older years.


非酒精性脂肪肝是肥胖病流行的一部分,这种病普遍影响着人们。 在大多数西方国家,这已成为肝脏疾病的原因。

欧米加3 fatty acids help retain good cholesterol and expel toxins from the liver that cause inflammation to keep it healthy and functioning.


经常将Omega 3s处方为骨质疏松症和关节炎患者的补充剂。 欧米加3 helps keep ligaments and joints healthy and functioning like a well-oiled machine.


Research has shown that women who have a higher intake or 欧米茄-3 in their diet experience milder symptoms of PMS. An 欧米茄-3 supplement may be more operative than ibuprofen for women during their cycle.



Omega3摄入量和Zinzino BalanceOil

Getting them through whole foods twice a week, is the best way to ensure a robust 欧米茄-3 intake.

However, if you do 没有t have a lot of fatty fish, then you should consider taking an 欧米茄-3 supplement. For people with 欧米茄-3 deficiency, this is a cheap and highly effective way to improve health.


Zinzino BalanceOil是一种增效混合物或高品质鱼油,富含omega-3 EPA和DHA,并特别选择了具有高多酚含量的特级初榨橄榄油。 BalanceOil安全地调节并维持体内的EPA + DHA和Omega-6:3平衡。 BalanceOil支持最佳的大脑功能和正常的心脏功能,并增强免疫系统。 您可以选择新鲜的柠檬,美味的香草或令人兴奋的橙,柠檬和薄荷的组合。 BalanceOil不可用于诊断,治疗,治愈或预防任何疾病。 平衡油装在防阳光照射的瓶子中,并根据您的体重进行分配。 BalanceOil包含来自野生鱼类的油,并与高含量的多酚混合使用,以实现最大吸收和协同作用。 在这里获取


A diet rich in 欧米茄 3 fatty acids can help the heart and brain function properly. 另外,它对身体有很大的影响’影响几乎所有身体功能的新陈代谢率。

欧米加3 fatty acids are vital for optimal health.